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Liverpool John Moores University
PhD Student/Teaching Commitments
As part of my PhD at Liverpool John Moores University I assisted with teaching in the practical sessions of Computer Games and Web Development. It is here I learnt the basic skills of student interaction and teaching through metaphors to explain a concept.

Edge Hill University

PhD Associate Lecturer

As an Associate Lecturer at Edge Hill University I taught on the Web Development and the principles behind them. I also assisted on the practical module that focused on Laravel PHP development. It was here I first lectured and gained further confidence with public speaking in a classromm setting.

Manchester Metropolitan University


At Manchester Metropolitan University I am a Lecturer in Games Fundamentals and Web Development. I am continuing my research into Serious Games and the Internet of Things and am looking at new ways the combination of these technologies can be applied. If you would like to contact me regarding my current lecturing or research activities you can do so at john.henry@mmu.ac.uk