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Key Computers

1st Line Support

At Key Computers I started my career in computing as First Line Support. The role required me to do software debugging in Visual Basic and SQL. Additionally, I was at the front of calls from customers rearding software queries and issues. Finally, at Key I assisted companies with generic IT Support including software management and installation.


Associate Developer

As a Software Developer at Easirent I was involved in systems development for the automation of the car rental process, minimising and in future eliminating human interaction from the process. The role exposed me to the Clarion programming language and allowed me to work closely with individuals with a great understanding of machine to machine intercommunication. The developed systems such technologies for maintenance and scalability. Alongside Clarion this role involves programming in PHP and C#. Furthermore, this role involves aspects of project management and national travel for monitoring new systems as they are deployed and interacting with related manufacturers.


A Good Amigo

As a member of the team I assist in the development of a variety of systems using the Clarion language. Clarion is not as popular as other languages but offers data centered development. During my time at Easirent I developed a multi-system self service solution utilising this language. You can use these systems at an Easirent branch in Manchester Airport, Heathrow Airport and others across the country. It is important to note that I do not develop these systems any longer. You can find out more about Developer Team (it will be given a facelift) at developerteam.com.ar